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The Castle

There is so much to do in Coucy le Château ; walking, runig, biking in this area is awesome ! please visit this link : About Coucy le Château, infos here
Coucy le Château is in Northern France, at the crossroads of Paris, Reims and Lille, right in the heart of World War I’s trench warfare places.

The grandiose castle of Enguerrand III was one of the most formidable fortifications of the medieval Western world, with its palace proper, its palatial ensemble housing one of the most renowned and beautiful reception rooms of its day, its central tower (or keep), the mightiest ever constructed, its ramparts flanked by ten towers, and its city surrounded by an enceinte with thirteen towers and three portals. Yet the glory of the Château de Coucy survives mainly as a memorial site. Although its ruins, stretching out along the promontory spur of the existing site, remain impressive, much of their majestic grandeur was destroyed during the explosions of 27 March 1917.

More infos on Coucy le Château here : Wikipedia

Nb : For people who read “A Distant Mirror : The Calamitous 14th Century” written by Barbara W. Tuchman, you have to know that Coucy le Château is the place to be !

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