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The House

Chez Ric & Fer Suite B&B **** is a lovely high standing Bed and Breakfast located in the upper city of Coucy le Château, a lovely fortified village in the Picardie area, right in the heart of World War I’s trench warfare places. To help locating the village on a map, Coucy le Château is in Northern France, at the crossroads of Paris, Reims and Lille.

Chez Ric & Fer Suite B&B **** is situated in one of the city’s oldest houses which was rebuilt with the castle’s stones right after the bombings of World War I. The house used to be the village’s chemist’s shop during the 1920’s. Giving a modern twist to its ancient style thanks to a high-end vintage chic interior design, this house allows you to take the most of French history as well as elegance through its 1970’s inspired design.

Chez Ric & Fer Suite B&B ****