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Tesla Charging 32A

Richard & Fernanda ♥ the owners

“Ric and Fer? Like Zig and Puce or Tif and Tondu? Ric is Richard, music bands manager settled in with Fer, his wife Fernanda who used to be a saler in the airplanes industry and animals and plants lover in a fortified village in the Aisne department (an hour and a half northeast of Paris). In an austere stone building, they have built a warm and glamorous bed & breakfast. Vintage furniture with colorful touches and graphic wallpaper, the rooms also have a somewhat “Belgian cartoon” feeling. Ideal for bumming around, the place is filled with books, discs, old photos portraits (one of your host’s passions). But you should still stick your nose outside at some point for a walk around the castle or a pilgrimage on the battle paths of the Great War—the Chemin des Dames is nearby—a subject that Ric and Fer have become experts on.”
©Text extracted from The Fooding Guide. 

Chez Ric & Fer Suite B&B ****